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EmuCR: DolphinDolphin Git 5.0-21453 is compiled. This is the trunk of Dolphin Project. Dolphin is the first Gamecube emulator able to run commercial games! Dolphin is a Gamecube, Wii and Triforce (the arcade machine based on the Gamecube) emulator which supports many extra features and abilities not present on the original consoles. It has a partial Wii support and plays most Gamecube games.

Dolphin Git Changelog:
* Merge pull request #12664 from JosJuice/jitarm64-256-mib
* JitArm64: Increase farcode & nearcode cache size
* Translation resources sync with Transifex
* Merge pull request #12731 from JosJuice/jitarm64-mfcr-ubfx
* JitArm64: Skip UBFX in mfcr
* Merge pull request #12732 from JosJuice/arm64emitter-assert-category
* Arm64Emitter: Fix shadowed variable
* Arm64Emitter: Fix incorrect assert category
* Merge pull request #12733 from mitaclaw/instructionNumber
* JitState: Remove Unused instructionNumber
* Merge pull request #12735 from mitaclaw/minizip-ng-compat
* Externals: minizip-ng Forward Compatibility
* Merge pull request #12734 from mitaclaw/assert-dyna_rec
* JIT: Fix Incorrect Assert Category
* Merge pull request #12727 from Simonx22/android-dependencies-042024
* Android: Update dependencies
* Merge pull request #12730 from JosJuice/skylanders-folder-no-asking
* DolphinQt: Don't ask user about creating Skylanders folder

Dolphin Git 5.0-21453 x64 : 1cloudfile mirrorace mirrored pixeldrain send uloz usersdrive
Dolphin Git 5.0-21453 Android : 1cloudfile mirrorace mirrored pixeldrain send uloz usersdrive
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