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EmuCR: GearSystem GearSystem Git (2024/04/18) is complied. GearSystem is a Sega Master System / Game Gear emulator written in C++ that runs on iOS, Raspberry Pi, Mac, Windows and Linux. The main focus of this emulator is readability of source code with very high compatibility.

- Highly accurate Z80 core.
- Multi-Mapper support: SEGA, Codemasters, and ROM only cartridges.
- External RAM support with save files.
- Automatic region detection: NTSC-JAP, NTSC-USA, PAL-EUR.
- SMS2 only 224 mode support.
- Internal database for rom detection.
- Sound emulation using SDL Audio and Sms_Snd_Emu library.
- Integrated disassembler. It can dump the full disassembled memory to a text file or access it in real time.
- Compressed rom support (ZIP deflate).
- Multi platform. Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Raspberry Pi and iOS.

GearSystem Git changelog:
* Improve architecture detection in About window
* Merge pull request #102 from tordona/master
* Add build for Win-arm64
* Add output dir for ARM64
* Fix Windows GH action archive with GLEW 2.2.0
* Fix Win-x64 release build with GLEW 2.2.0
* Remove old GLEW dependency
* Default to Win-x64 platform in GH actions
* Clarify Windows lib dependencies
* Add ARM64 to about build section
* Adding ARM64 target
* Upgrade Glew. Add Arm64 deps
* Add Arm64 SDL2 deps

GearSystem Git (2024/04/18) : 1cloudfile mirrorace mirrored pixeldrain send uloz usersdrive
Source: Here

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