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EmuCR: rpcs3 rpcs3 Git (2024/05/15) is compiled. RPCS3 is an open-source Sony PlayStation 3 emulator and debugger written in C++ for Windows and Linux. The emulator has been in development since early 2011 and currently supports modern DirectX 12, Vulkan and OpenGL renderers. The emulator is capable of booting and playing a decent amount of commercial games and PlayStation 3 SDK samples. Many more titles are also becoming playable with future development by contributors.

rpcs3 Git changelog:
* gl: Handle GCM_FORMAT_G8B8 readback compatibility check
* CMake fixes
* Savestates: Warn on invalid SPU save state
* Savestates/SPU LLVM: Fix sinking stores
* Log SPU access violation in always-level
* Savestates: Multi-threaded compression, use ZSTD
* Savestates: Fix SPU pause from access violation handler
* Hide Game Window as soon as emulation closes
* Progress Dialog: Extremely important text fix
* sys_fs: Fix race in file stream API
* rsx: Fix processing of deferred indexed draw parameter updates

rpcs3 Git (2024/05/15) x64 : 1cloudfile gofile mirrorace mirrored pixeldrain send usersdrive
Source: Here

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