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EmuCR:Visual PinballVisual Pinball v10.0.0 is released. Visual Pinball is a video game suite for Microsoft Windows. It is composed of an emulator, simulator and editor. The editor allows users to create and play recreations of pinball machines and self-designed tables. Visual Pinball's ability to import external sounds and images, in addition to its support of Visual PinMAME to emulate original ROMs, allows players to play renditions of real pinball machines.

Visual Pinball v10.0.0 Changelog:
For all the changes regarding the core vbs script file package (like cvpmTrough,cvpmSaucer,BallMass,UseVPMDMD,UseVPMColoredDMD, the Controller abstraction (DOF,B2S,VPM,EM) and the new Coindoor key functionality) look into core.vbs for the full changelog

The next generation of Visual Pinball finally arrives!
due to this, VP10 breaks a lot of backwards compatibility for ramps, lights, physics, colors/images/materials, and more, so
most existing VP9 and VP8 tables will not work correctly or will even output script errors when run, -but they will load-, so you can reuse all existing work!

-> TL.DR up-front conversion hints:
- pull lightsource->ambient down to 0,0,0 (or at least a small value to avoid loss in fidelity of the colors)
- crank up lightsource->emission to 255,255,255 and tweak the color from there (to get a good contrast on the shading)
- tweak the lightsource->height and the two emission-scales (and try to keep the light range really really really large before tweaking the rest of the light parameters!)
- if doing nightmods, try to avoid manually toning down all images and materials, but rather just use the light emission settings
including the new night->day slider (this will allow the user to tweak the brightness of the table on his/her own afterwards)
- revisit all physics settings, even if you used VP9Physmod(5) before (only the re-enabled friction and scatter in the physmod5 case though)
- take a look into the new material editor and assign a material to each object on the table
- use flashers when doing special lighting effects/gi-changes/night mods (and tweak existing ones by playing with the opacity (can be >100%) and modulate options),
otherwise try to stick with the newly redone (bulb-)light elements (flashers and bulblights are cheaper to render than other elements)
- revisit CommandReference.txt for all commands that have changed names/behavior, were replaced or deleted

A special thanks has to go out to our awesome alpha testers/improvers: Unclewilly, JPSalas and JimmyFingers!

Download: Visual Pinball v10.0.0
Source: Here

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