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EmuCR: QMC2QMC2 v0.60 is compiled. QMC2 is a good GUI for MAME & MESS. QMC2(M.A.M.E. Catalog / Launcher II) is the successor of one of the first XMAME/MESS GUI frontends available, QMamecat (derived from MAMECAT, which was text-only). QMC2 has been rebuilt from scratch as a Qt 4 project. Parts of the design and code were inspired by its predecessor. The new design was made as flexible as possible to minimize dependencies from frontend- and CLI-related MAME changes, which was a major deficiency of QMamecat. QMC2 uses a template-based MAME configuration scheme, which can easily be enhanced with additional command line options (defined in an XML template file).

QMC2 v0.60 Changelog:
fix: custom software artwork wasn’t updated / displayed correctly when more than one additional software artwork class was defined — see also bug tracker ID #127
fix: main GUI didn’t quit until the last independent browser window was closed
fix: corrected query error logging for all database managers
fix: avoid high CPU load by constantly updating software detail
imp: qchdman: added new script-engine functions for platform-independent folder creation and removal
imp: ROMAlyzer / check-sum scanner: improved thread synchronization which speeds up scanning and fixes corner cases where the cross-thread event frequency could get too high
imp: new loading animation (less obtrusive)
imp: slightly speeded up loading the ROM state cache
imp: updated category.ini contributed by ASH to MAME 0.169
imp: emulator configuration templates updated to MAME 0.169 (added new HLSL options ‘bloom_blend_mode’ and ‘shadow_mask_tile_mode’)
new: added optional support for libarchive (use make LIBARCHIVE=1 to enable it at build time) — see also bug tracker ID #93
new: software-list loading and checking also display a rotating circle animation now (unless the animation is switched off)
inf: the French translation has a new maintainer — thanks to YĆ» Voskoboinikov
inf: SDL2 is now preferred – if you still need/want to build for SDL1 and both SDL versions are installed, specifiy SDL=1 on the make command line to forcibly use it


Download: QMC2 v0.60 x86
Download: QMC2 v0.60 x64
Source: Here

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