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EmuCR: uoYabauseuoYabause v0.3.1 is released. uoYabause is a unofficial port of Yabause SEGA Saturn Emulator( http://yabause.org/ ).

Some games run playable quality.
uoYabause does not include any games. Put CD-Rom Iso image you have on the storage directory "yabause/games/". Start uoYabause and push Load Game button, then select file name you put.
You can control with touch panel but also with game pad connected with USB or Bluetooth.
* You can also boot game with intent.
Target: org.uoyabause.android/org.uoyabause.android.Yabause
Key: org.uoyabause.android.FileNameEx
Type: String
Value: absolute file path for a game CD-ROM ISO image

uoYabause v0.3.1 Changelog:
* Minor bug fixes
* SEGA rally background music
* Character is not shown at Asuka 120% and Golden Axe The Duel.
* Black Screen at 'Dragon Ball Z - Shinbutohden' and 'Mobile Suit Gundam Gihrens Greed '
* Add setting menu for choosing sound engine for low-end android devices.

Download: uoYabause v0.3.1 for Win
Download: uoYabause v0.3.1 for Android
Source: Here

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