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EmuCR: GLideN64GLideN64 Git (2016/12/22) is compiled. GLideN64 is a new generation, open-source graphics plugin for N64 emulators

GLideN64 Git Changelog:
* Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/gonetz/GLideN64
* Use F3D_TRIX instead of F3D_Tri4.
Fixed #1307
* UI: Bloom sliders converted to grid and word wrap added to labels
* Remove ucode F3DSWE.
Rename ucode F3DWRUS to F3DBETA and use it for both Wave Race (U) and
Star Wars Shadows of Empire

EmuCR: GLideN64

Download: GLideN64 Git (2016/12/22)
Source: Here

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