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EmuCR: FB AlphaFB Alpha SP v0.2.99.9 is released. FB Alpha or FBA as it is commonly known is an emulator of arcade games, that is, it takes the program code, graphics data, etc., from an original arcade game and emulates the hardware to make the game run in it's original form. As far as the game is concerned it is running in it's original cabinet.

FB Alpha is an open-source project and it is programmed by a group of people known as the FBA Team. Over the years this has comprised of myself, Jan_Klaassen, KEV, LoopMaster, Mike Haggar, Hyper Yagami and Ayeye. FB Alpha is based on the original FinalBurn by Dave.

FB Alpha SP v0.2.99.9 changelog:
changes in
– changed default display colour profile to sRGB

changes in
– fix resizing window to smaller than original image size in dx9 blitter with multipass effects
– fix dx9 blitter SM1.4 shader support (only used for SM1.4 level hardware)
– enable dx9 blitter compatibility for legacy gpu support (AKA SM1.4 shaders compiled as SM2.0)
– add high performance version of overlay shader (used in combination with legacy gpu shaders)
– add colour controls to dx9 blitter
– add proper gamma correction to dx9 blitter (old gamma controls are disabled)
– add colour correction to dx9 blitter
– perform cubic filter in linearised RGB (except when running on PS1.4 hardware)
– precompile shaders for faster initialisation (VS build only, SM1.4 is unavailable when this is enabled)
– removed menu option for fm interpolation (should always be on)
– fixed sound not switching off when opening record input / save state dialog
– fixed clearing inputs (crashed when built with gcc)
– fixed version/info string generation with gcc
– updated documentation

Download: FB Alpha SP v0.2.99.9
Source: Here

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