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EmuCR: AtariKat5200 v0.8.0 is released. Kat5200 is an emulator for the Atari 5200 and 8-bit computers.

Kat5200 v0.8.0 Changelog:
– Added : RetroArch GLSL shader support
– Check for shaders here:
– Added : Redesigned sound module
– +improves sound for many games
– +added 48kHz Sound sample frequency
– +Improves (fixes?) Linux sound using ALSA
– Added : Combo Inputs
– Added : User warned when input conficts occur
– Added : User can make kat5200 portable
– Added : -reset_config command line parameter
– Added : Several conversions/homebrews to default database
– Changed: -config loads alternate db3 config file
– Fixed : Atari 800 Pitfall crash on start (Added LAX CPU op)
– Fixed : CPU cycle counts for page crossing
– Fixed : Input conflicts on 8-bit computer default profile
– Fixed : Atari 800 ‘A’ key updates not loaded
– Fixed : Recall state loads incorrect video/input profiles
– Fixed : Simualte Analog needs to respect Sensitivity
– Fixed : Couple of potential crashes

Download: Kat5200 v0.8.0
Source: Here

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