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EmuCR: Snes9x GXSnes9x RX v4.8.0 is released. Snes9x RX is a Super Nintendo™ / Super Famicom emulator for the Nintendo Wii. Snes9x RX is a fork from Snes9x GX, a port of Snes9x (http://www.snes9x.com). Snes9x RX is a "homebrew application" which means you will need a way to run unsigned code on your Nintendo Wii. The best website for getting started with Wii homebrew is WiiBrew (www.wiibrew.org).

Snes9x GX Changelog:
Language updates for Spanish, French, Portuguese.
.bs file extension support.
Classify region id 18 as PAL. [Tantric]
Set default calibration values, fix controllers that return invalid data.
Quick fixes for Rendering Ranger R2 and Targa (50/60Hz).
Experimental support for Mad Catz SE FightStick for Xbox 360!
Tested and working, separate binary available.
Experimental support for Logitech F510 Controller (Xinput mode)
Untested, separate binary available.

Download: Snes9x RX v4.8.0
Source: Here

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