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EmuCR: WiiUBetterJoyForCemu v6 is released. Allows the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to be used with the Cemu Emulator and Cemuhook. Cemu is a Nintendo Wii U emulator that runs commercial games. Highly experimental software to emulate Wii U applications on PC.

BetterJoyForCemu Changelog:
Added option from starting the application minimized to tray
thanks marco-calautti
Fixed gyro drift on some controllers
thanks brakhane
Added option to config to remove affected devices at application shutdown
Should prevent any more issues of the controller being unusable after the program (even though this can be fixed if you read the README)
Added battery level indicator by changing background colour of respective controller icon
Fixed multi-joycon lag
thanks quark-zju
Allow for more than one pair of joycons to be joined up
Fixed stick casting overflow
thanks idan-weizman
Separated swap buttons into swapAB and swapXY; hid BetterJoy from Alt+Tab when minimised
Added way to automatically enumerate options and enable to control them directly from the UI. Any further options can be supported.
Click the arrow to open config panel.
thanks StarryTony
Fixed joycon LED bug and minimising behaviour.
thanks agustinmorantes
Added option to calibrate gyroscope for 3rd (and 1st) party controllers.
Experimental - only supports pro controllers at the moment
thanks xqdoo00o
see NonOriginalController option
Fixed exception when pressing Add Controllers button
thanks spacechase0
Added the ability to toggle the HOME button ring LED on and off
thanks Houdini111
Perform null check on enumerate.serial_number. Caused by Mayflash Dolphinbar and nonOriginal selected
thanks Trozmagon
Added a way to use single joycon in vertical mode
with a single joycon attached, click on the icon to change its orientation
Added Switch SNES controller support
thanks KurtYilmaz
Added option to use gyro input as mouse input
works quite well actually! It's a bit like playing Wii!
with left-handed mode
Improved start-up and shut-down time
improves usability immensely
Added option to disable motion server
Fixed USB lag (hopefully)
Added option to remap special buttons to keybindings

Download: BetterJoyForCemu v6 x86
Download: BetterJoyForCemu v6 x64
Source: Here

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