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EmuCR: DOSBoxDOSee v1.80 is released. DOSee is a front-end for an MS-DOS emulation ecosystem to use on the web. The text-based MS-DOS was the dominant personal computer platform for much of the 1980s. Up until the mid-1990s before being superseded by Microsoft Windows. Emulating this platform allows tens of thousands of games, demos and applications from this era to run on a web browser both online or offline as a desktop web-app! DOSee is only a user interface and installation process for an incredible emulation ecosystem. Many remarkable people created it over many years. DOSee itself is a fork of The Emularity project started by the Internet Archive. EM-DOSBox, the core of this emulation, is a JavaScript port of DOSBox, the world's most popular MS-DOS emulator.

DOSee v1.80 Changelog:
Update to v1.80.

EmuCR: DOSee Download: DOSee v1.80
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