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EmuCR: WiiSX RXWiiSX RX v2.6 is released. Fork of WiiSXR (a port of PCSX-R), a PSX emulator for the Gamecube / Wii / Wii U. The starting point for this code base will be Mystro256's WiiSXR, a continuation of daxtsu's libwupc mod of wiisx, which is in turn based off of Matguitarist's "USB mod5".

WiiSX RX v2.6 Changelogs:
V-Sync is now activated. (thanks xjsxjs197!)
Adjust some button shortcuts for entering the Menu.
Specially useful for people who use alternative classic controllers or
adapters that connect to the Wiimote, such as the DualShock 2, arcade
joysticks, NES and SNES Classic controllers, etc., some of which don't have
a Home button to return to the emulator's main menu.
UStealth support.
Wii 480p video fix. [Extrems]
More 3rd party controllers support. [Tantric]
Fix 3rd party classic controllers that don't send calibration data.
For those controllers, use default values.

Download: WiiSX RX v2.6 x64

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