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EmuCR:PS4 EmulatorsGPCS4 Git (2023/06/27) is compiled. A PlayStation 4 emulator which was just started. A project done for fun, and for technical research.

GPCS4 Git changelog:
* ignore
* use env var version
* fix package filename
* add build dependencies
* fix yml error
* change build order
* upload build result
* build both debug and release
* delete test code
* fix test code
* fix path
* fix vulkan sdk path
* make env var permanent
* setup vulkan sdk path
* update cache key, add more test
* test glslc
* fix main project cpp version
* fix tinydbr release cpp version
* fix env path
* fix clang path
* Update build-windows.yml
* fix vulkan sdk installer arguments

GPCS4 Git (2023/06/27): 1cloudfile bayfiles gofile multiup pixeldrain send
Source: Here

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