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EmuCR: MartyPC MartyPC v0.1.2 is released. MartyPC is a cross-platform IBM PC emulator written in Rust. Development began April, 2022. It should build on Windows, Linux and MacOS (Including M1)

MartyPC Changelog:
Relicensed MartyPC under the MIT license.
Redesigned CGA card with 'dynamic clocking' support. Card will now switch between clocking by cycle or character as appropriate.
Improved hsync logic, screens in all graphics modes are now horizontally centered properly.
Added 1.44MB floppy image definition. Somehow, these are readable(!?) (thanks xcloudplatform for discovering this)
Fixed CGA palette handling bug. Fixes California Games CGAMORE mode. (thanks VileR)
Added short tick delay between writing PIC IMR and raising any unmasked IRR bit to INTR. Fixes halts on warm boot.
Improved performance when CPU is halted.
Added menu options to save changes to loaded floppy image(s).
Fixed CPU cycle tracelogging
Added port mirrors for CGA (thanks th3bar0n)
Fixed address wrapping for graphics modes (thanks th3bar0n)
Fixed handling of mode enable flag in text mode (thanks VileR)
Implemented better composite adjustment defaults (Matches colors in 8088mph better)
Switched from cgmath to glam vector library. Approx 30% speedup in CGA composite simulation.
Utilized bytemuck crate to write 32 bits at a time for CGA index->RGBA conversion, about 3x performance improvement
Reorganized project structure. Refactored emulator core to Rust library and frontend components.
Added Criterion for benchmarking components.
Update Pixels library to 0.12.1
Use fast_image_resize crate for SIMD acceleration. Aspect correction is now approximately 5X faster with equivalent quality.
Fixed inaccuracy in keyboard shift register handling
Fixed bug in PIT latch logic (thanks 640KB)
Fixed bug in PIC IRR logic (thanks 640KB)
Fixed bug in PPI handling of keyboard enable line (Fixes halt on boot on 5160)
Added CTRL-ALT-DEL menu option
Known issues:
Turbo mode may cause the IBM BIOS to halt during POST during PIT checkout.
Formatting floppies is limited to 360K due to fixed drive type.
Regression: PIT latch logic change has now made 8088MPH report a 1% CPU variation. I believe this is more a timer issue than a CPU issue.

Download: MartyPC v0.1.2
Source: Here

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