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EmuCR: MartyPC MartyPC v0.1.3 is released. MartyPC is a cross-platform IBM PC emulator written in Rust. Development began April, 2022. It should build on Windows, Linux and MacOS (Including M1)

MartyPC Changelog:
Disabled window doubling if window would not fit on screen due to DPI scaling.
Decreased minimum window size
Disabled warpspeed config flag
Renamed 'autostart' config flag to 'auto_poweron' and fixed poweron logic.
Mapped Right Alt, Control and Shift to emulated Left Alt, Control and Shift.
Added UI warning when MartyPC is compiled in debug mode (unfortunately the default behavior of cargo build)
Replaced CGA composite simulation code with reenigne's color multiplexer algorithm, for more accurate colors and a 3x speed improvement.
Added contrast, phase and CGA type controls to composite adjustment window.
Update Pixels to 0.13
Update egui and egui-wgpu 0.22
Update winit to 0.29*
Winit 0.29 fixes reported keyboard issues with non-US keyboard layouts unable to type certain keys.
Winit 0.29 fixes excessively high updates per second on some Linux builds
Enabled Wayland support
Enable basic clipboard integration in debugger for copy/paste of breakpoints. This feature will be expanded.
Fork egui-winit 0.22 to manually update winit dependency to 0.29.

Download: MartyPC v0.1.3
Source: Here

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