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EmuCR: RetroHubRetroHub v1.0.0 is released. RetroHub is a frontend application, allowing you to manage and launch your retro-gaming library. It is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, yet packed with features and highly customizable. RetroHub leverages the Godot engine to provide a powerful 2D and 3D game engine for theme developers. This way, themes can be very versatile and unique, creating a platform of endless possibilities for customizing your gaming setup.

RetroHub Changelog:
New features
Emulator paths are now cached in order to reduce unnecessary file I/O.
Added support for 30+ emulators, focused on computer emulators.
Added setting to adjust the app volume.
Support many more systems when importing configuration from RetroArch.
Replace website URL button to new website address.
Fix text caret missing when using the virtual keyboard.
Fix RetroArch core path being hardcoded to the path set in RetroArch's configuration.
Fix popups getting a gray border with certain UI elements.
Fix game data saving not working when importing configuration from existing frontends.
Fix game directory not being updated with existing path when importing frontends.
Fix emulator names not being set when previewing emulator support on the first-time setup.
Fix emulator icons being cropped when previewing emulator support on the first-time setup.
Fix scraper search requests failing when needing to be retried.
Fix custom game selection for scraping reporting a selected game when the user has no games.
Fix last selected game still being selected after theme/game directory changes.
Fix game data editor having editable fields when no game is selected, causing a crash when saving.
Fix not being able to add RetroArch cores to systems.
Fix focus issues regarding controller and screen reader setups.
Default Theme
Fix video seek bar playing sounds during playback.
Fix errors when user had neither recent games nor favorite games.
Fix signal errors generated during search.

Download: RetroHub v1.0.0 x64
Source: Here

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