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EmuCR: Snes9xSnes9x 1.43-ReRecording SVN r56 is released.Snes9x 1.43-ReRecording is the re-recording branch of Snes9x 1.43.This is the development project for this branch of Snes9x. Its primary function is to expand features related to the creation of Tool-Asssisted movies.

Snes9x 1.43-ReRecording SVchangelog:
Fixed wrong default opacity of gui.text.
fixing a bunch of warnings, turning up the Release mode optimization level, and
adding a vcproj.user file to make Lua script reloading not insanely slow by
default when running from the debugger in Release mode (if you've opened the
project before, you'll have to delete your
snes9xw.vcproj.COMPUTERNAME.USERNAME.user file for this last change to take

Download:Snes9x 1.43-ReRecording SVN r56

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