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SSF Filters v0.1.5.4 is released.SSF Filters is a filters pack for SSF.
EmuCR: SSF FiltersHow to use:
(1) Extract to SSF folder!
(2) Setting:
EmuCR: SSF Filters
(3) Edit file "filters.ini",set "default_filter=plugins/[Your filter file name]".

Download: SSF Filters v0.1.5.4

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  1. I don't get such option in menu here, any idea ?
    I'm really looking forward to those, as default SSF display is quite horrible to me.


  2. It maybe in the menu of Rotation!

  3. It's not there either.

  4. thanks
    It appeared now, indeed in the "rotation" menu.
    It's unreadable though (weird characters), and the rendering with those plugins is not very convincing (text becomes hardly readable etc).

    Thanks anyway

  5. Awesome!

    Just needs scanlne TV mode though.

  6. I'm getting double images and all sorts of stretched/skewed/warped images with any of the filters enabled.

  7. Never mind: oddly it appears that if I check the options the above tells me to check, I get awful results; if I un-check the aspect ratio ones, it works.

  8. It doesnt work, the option is not there

    1 Unpack emulator, config,with bios
    2 Unpack filters
    3 restart emulator
    4 nothing happends, the filter option do not appear on rotation menu

    What is wrong? Please Help

  9. Please update your filter for a startup in fullscreen, because i launch SSF in mode fullscreen then it's crash...

    else good job, thanks !

  10. Thanks for sharing ^^ Parabéns (Portuguese)

  11. The filter option no longer shows. To get these filters to work on a newer version of SFF you need to extract it to you're SFF directory then add the filter you want to use to the filters.ini. For example: Say I want to use Interpolation you open the filters.ini file default_filter=plugins/interpolation.rpi that will allow you to use interpolation.....Enjoy

  12. excelent its works with the last version

  13. do they work even on Win7-64bit?

  14. This is interesting...

    When I paste everything on the folder, and run the emulator (latest version, 0.12~) there's no options anywhere. Then, by total random, circumstancial chance, I clicked on the empty space after the "About" menu, and voila! I got a working filter's menu. The option is written in gibberish so I couldn't understand, but many of the filters (or the ones I like at least) aren't working as well on this new version. Well, at least they're there. Hope this helps anyone.

    1. Thank You! I was just yesterday having issues with this, i coudn't find where the menu was on this last version of ssf

  15. How are you guys making it work with 012 R3?

    I don't get the menu, and the the filter I set in filters.ini is not working neither.


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