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EmuCR: KEGA Fusion PluginsKEGA Fusion Plugins (19/10/09) is released.Fusion is a Sega SG1000, SC3000, Master System, Game Gear, Genesis/Megadrive, SVP, Pico, SegaCD/MegaCD and 32X emulator for Win9x/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Win7, Mac OSX/Intel, and Linux.

Here's the best graphics plugins (renderer) for Kega Fusion (but Regen and VBA-M), they substantially enhance the visual quality of the game put in a folder / plugins.
Nothing new in either, just that there are 40 different plugins and principle in their latest versions all in one pack (7z format) which is dated 19/10/09 (no plugins).

Download: KEGA Fusion Plugins (19/10/09)

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