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EmuCR: FB AlphaFinalBurn Alpha Rerecording v0.0.4a is released.FinalBurn Alpha Rerecording is the rerecording version of FinalBurn Alpha with many customized features designed to aid in recording movie input files.

FinalBurn Alpha Rerecording v0.0.4a Changelog:
- Disabled unused RAM Watch accelerators, which were opening a dialog every time the R key was pressed.
- Reverted to the old Pause behavior.
- The screen is now automatically refreshed when emulation is paused. This makes some Lua scripts, such as FatRatKnight's "Multi-track rerecording", work better with gui.register.
- Added "Haunted Castle" driver to the release build.
- Fixed the input for player 4 in the TMNT driver.
- Fixed the Lua function joypad.set().

Download: FinalBurn Alpha Rerecording v0.0.4a

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