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EmuCR:Final Burn LegendsFinal Burn Legends v1.1 is released.Final Burn Legends is a port of Final Burn Alpha 2.99.07 to the Xbox. It also includes parts of FBA-XXX Pro 1.29. The reason I developed this port was so that I could play Thunder Blade, Galaxy Force 2, Turbo Outrun, and After Burner 2 on the Xbox. However, it developed into much more than that. Source code is included.

The developer said:

What's new:

-Added ability to select any Neo Geo BIOS. There are 23 different BIOS
types supported. UniBIOS 2.3 is the default and recommended. This is
saved per game, so if a user finds a game that the UniBIOS does not work
well for they can change the BIOS for that game and it is saved
separately. When a game starts the first thing that is displayed is the
UniBIOS startup screen. Press A, B, and C (by default this is Xbox X, B,
and A) to setup the BIOS. This is only needed once per game. The user
can set the game to AES or MVS mode, change the region, and disable the
hardware test (green screen). This will make games start a lot faster.
During emulation, press P1 Start and P1 Coin to bring up the in-game
BIOS settings. There is a great cheat database built in with codes for
all games.

-Added suport for Ironclad / Chotetsu Brikinger. The region must be set
to USA or Japan or the game won't boot. When the UniBios 2.3 screen
appears, press Xbox B + X + A to start the BIOS setup where you can
change the region to USA or Japan. The default region is Europe so the
game will not work if this step is skipped.

-Fixed NVRAM saving for CPS2 games

-Added option to overclock the 68K CPU used in many games. Games that
use this CPU include CPS2, CPS2, Neo Geo, Cave, and others. Set it to
300% for games like Metal Slug 1, 2, ESP Rade and it will get rid of all
slowdown. If any game that uses this CPU has slowdowns then increase the
CPU speed and it may fix the issue. It also may cause bugs in the game.

-Added alternate ways to display the in game emulation menu. This will be
useful for players who use controllers without a right analog stick.

The choices are:

Right Analog Click
Left Trigger + Right Trigger
Back + Start
Left Trigger + Back
Right Trigger + Back

-Added option to display all games, parents, or clones. This applies
to the ROM browser and all filters. This does not apply to the Favorites

-Added option to highlight parent sets. That way a user can browse
all the games and quickly pick out a parent ROM.

-Arcade images can now be viewed from the ROM browser. Select a game
and press the Start button. The images go in:

Control panel images - D:\Images\cpanel
Marquee images - D:\Images\marquee
Cabinet images - D:\Images\cabinet
Flyer images - D:\Images\flyers
In game screenshots - D:\Images\snap
Title screenshots - D:\Images\title

Press left and right on the D-Pad to go to the next or previous image.
Use the left analog stick to move the image
Use the right analog stick to zoom in or out.

-The MAME history can now be viewed from the ROM Browser. Select a game
and press the Back button

-Added DIP switch settings to most games. This can cause problems for
some games. Most of the time it works perfectly.

-Added an option to disable DIP switches. If a game runs strangely,
try disabling DIP switches.

-Change the crashes error message to be more generic

-Removed a few Genesis games that were causing the emulator to crash

-Fixed a bug where the Option screen wasn't loaded when a PGM game ran
out of memory or a ROM was invalid.

-Fixed a bug where the Flicker Filter wasn't applied when a game
started. I have no way to test this fix so if it is still broken please
post in this thread. Try testing a Neo Geo Game, Toaplan, Psykio, Cave,
CPS2, and Sega game to see if it works for all the different cores.

-Added an option to disable Hiscore saving. Hiscore saving is disabled
by default. This is on a per game basis. If a game works fine the first
time it's played, but then has problems the next time, it may be because
of the Hiscore saving. It can be found in the General Options menu.

-Cleaned up the source so that all cores use the same GUI files

-Added some defensive code to make the emulator more stable. Hopefully
this will eliminate the random crashes when saving a screenshot,
savestates, etc...

-Fixed a bug that caused a corrupt ini file when the button A was
pressed when there were no games

-Fixed some bugs where the default controller setting wasn't used

-Added an option to disable video previews. If you are not going to use
them then disable this option. It will speed up the ROM browser

-Added option to disable frame skipping. I can't think of one reason
why anyone should do this since it will cause audio problems and
slowdowns if a game can't run fullspeed. It is automatically disabled
when it is not needed. Forcing it to be disabled all the time is not
recommended. However, this was requested so I added it.

-Fixed a bug where centered text wasn't always centered.

-Disabled Neo Geo save states. These were too buggy and many games
crashed the emulator. This may be related to memory problems with the PC
port, my code, or something else.

-Removed most of the debugging code. This should add a speed up.

-Added an image viewer.

-Fixed a bug where the Main Menu video would play after exiting a game.

-Added the Main Menu video paths to the skin ini file. This way a user
can create a skin that uses different videos and provide them with the

-Added Kenshiro's fixes for Neo Geo and Psykio:

New Psykio games that now work:

Mahjong G-Taste
Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2
Tetris the Absolute The Grand Master 2 Plus

NeoGeo fixes:

Speed up a bit more loading time
Reduce the amount of RAM on some P-X decrypting routines
Get svcpcbnd working (need a special graphic routine for the 2 * 32Mo
Remove the support for the PCB version of KOF2003. It will never work
unless to rewrite completely the VMM support
Added samsho4k: Pae Wang Jeon Seol / Legend of a Warrior (Korean
censored Samurai Shodown IV)
Added samsho2k: Saulabi Spirits / Jin Saulabi Tu Hon (Korean release of
Samurai Shodown II)
Added a function to select the bios you want. Unibios 2.3 is the default
Fixed wrong name in mslug4nd set: 263-pg1.bin ---> should be 263-p1.bin
Fixed game title of mslug3hd: Metal Slug 3 (not encrypted, decrypted C)
---> Metal Slug 3 (not encrypted, decrypted C)
Various source cleanup

-Added an updated cheat.dat file by neoryu

The changes are:

A “Select Background” option was added for these sets:


An option to play as True M. Bison / Shin Vega was added for these sets:


The emulator did not see the cheats at all for these sets:


-This has been adjusted.

The emulator did not see the “Select Character PL1 /Select Character
PL2” cheat for these sets:


-This has been adjusted.

I made many changes to the characters’ names for the Euro, Japan, and US
romsets for all of the corresponding CPS2 fighting games. It makes it
easier to apply a cheat pertaining to the correct character when you’re
playing a game where the name difference matters for the cheat you
select. For example, a Balrog cheat will be an M.Bison cheat if you’re
playing a rom without corrected cheat names for the region it came from.
For the parent Euro, US, and Japan CPS2 fighting games, this minor issue
has been remedied.


You will need to do a new install. You cannot use any previous CPS2
save states, nvram, or game settings. The safest way to upgrade is:

1) Delete the save file for FBL 1.0
2) Copy the FBL 1.1 folder to the Xbox
3) Copy your Roms and screenshots from the FBL 1.0 folder to the FBL 1.1

If you ignore this step and try to copy the new files over the FBL 1.0
directory, it will not work.

To upgrade any of the new skins to work with FBL 1.1:

1) Open the ini file for the skin
2) Add these lines to the bottom:



-Kenshiro for the code updates
-neoryu for the updates to the cheat.dat
-NEIL222 for the new icon
-iq_132 for help with the CPU overclock
-nonote for the Ironclad code
-Anyone I forgot
original thread.

Download: Final Burn Legends v1.1

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