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EmuCR:MiSFiT MAMEMiSFiT MAME 0.127.H is released. MiSFiT MAME is a version a mame (based on MAME0127 ) which contains games which are not included in the regular release of mame.Currently included in this release are arcade rom hacks, gambling games and simulations.

The developer said:

- Added the MAME documents into the docs folder.
- Moved the MisfitMAME documents into the docs folder.
- Added the change history that has survived, into the misnew.txt file.

- Fixed MT bugs 2087 and 2153 - Qbert will now say "Hello I'm turned on"

- Added an extra option in Neogeo video options menu, you can choose to stretch screen to 272 pixels. This removes the black border in Puzzled and the cartoon intros.

Games Added
Chip n Dale Intro [Raregame]
Ghostbusters Intro [iq_132, Raregame]
Ironclad [iq_132, JacKc]
Mortal Kombat (LA4 hacked) [Patrick McCarron]
Mortal Kombat Turbo (unprotected) [Patrick McCarron]
Robobcop Intro [Raregame]
Spiderman Intro [Raregame]
Steraranger (bootleg of Moon Cresta) [Softwarethis]
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (Zeus hack edition) [Patrick McCarron]

Games Removed
Phoenix Part 2 (moved into MAME)

Download: MiSFiT MAME 0.127.H

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