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EmuCR:NeoRaineNeoRaine v1.2.10 is released. NeoRaine is a fast Neo Geo CD emulator. NeoRaine is a fast emulator for the old Neo Geo CD game console, based on neocdpsp.It does not try to emulate the raster effects. As a result, "Riding Hero" is unplayable because it simulates 3D effects using raster interrupts.All other Neo Geo CD games should work.Similar like what MESS is to MAME, NeoRaine shares code with the main project Raine and is developed alongside, so the source code is distributed together.

NeoRaine v1.2.10 changelog:
* sound chips state is now saved into savegames, + corrections of unfinished stuff in previous version. See raine changelog for version 0.51.8 + git changelog for details.

Download:NeoRaine v1.2.10

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