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RetroCopy v0.720 is released.RetroCopy is an attempt to emulate the Sega Master System and Nintendo Entertainment System at the cycle level.It also includes a custom OpenGL powered 3D interface which shows things like the gameboxes. It is currently only available for Windows, with 32bit and 64bit versions available. RetroCopy is a new Master System emulator for Windows.

RetroCopy v0.720 Changelog:
- Massive improvements to Genesis / Megadrive accuracy;
- New sound engine that resamples audio at highest quality for NES/SMS/MEGADRIVE/GG and arcade;
- New high quality sound equalizer that lets you manually adjust bass, mid and high frequencies;
- Save state support. Automatic (Wii virtual console) and manual saving supported;
* 10-20% speed improvement.

Download: RetroCopy v0.720 32-bit
Download: RetroCopy v0.720 64-bit

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