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Fun World Quiz...

Thanks to 9ofzeven that kindly dumped his board, I was able to add this rare Funworld title.
The game is meant to work as "amusement", with high scores like another regular arcade. You can set it as "bet mode", allowing to choose the amount of points to play, but can't be turned to gambling mode (no payout, keyout, etc) for pubs, etc... It's running in a triple board. Main board with graphics, sound, RAM, PROM, PAL, etc... A CPU board with custom CPU based on 65c02, and a ROM board where the questions are stored.

Special thanks to David Haywood, that kindly hooked the questions banking handlers. The game has complete inputs + DIP switches and is working properly.

Unfortunately one graphics ROM seems to be rotten and the bipolar PROM wasn't dumped yet. So... Just hooked the good graphics ROM to keep the game text readable. Hence it looks so bad... Here some snaps:

Fun World Quiz:
EmuCR:Roberto Fresca WIP - Fun World Quiz
EmuCR:Roberto Fresca WIP - Fun World Quiz
Also I'm currently working in the Funworld button-lamps system, adding fixed lamps layouts by game, instead of a generic one by default.


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