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EmuCR: iDeaSiDeaS Beta is released.iDeaS is Nintendo DS(NDS) emulator.

iDeaS Beta for window changelog:
* Fixed a bug in savestates management.
* Fixed a bug in dmas transfers.
* Fixed a bug in cardrom command.
* Fixed some bugs in debugger window.
* Added new DMA channels and cardrom features, like latency etc etc.It's an experiment.

Download: iDeaS Beta For Windows
Download: iDeaS Audio plugin
Download: More Plugins,Language Pack and Additional files

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  1. Is there anyway I can export my DeSmuMe save from the exporting the battery and importing it into IDeaS?

  2. Also the link to the More Plugins and stuff dont work.

  3. Remember, emucraze website is gone at last!


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