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EmuCR:PSPUAE Thanks Tsabrak for submitting news
PSPUAE V0.80 Beta 20 is released. PSPUAE is a port of the UAE Amiga emulator to the Sony PSP.

PSPUAE V0.80 Beta 3 Changelog:

BETA 20 (08/10/11).
Test for speed. Compiled with new toolchain.

Sub Notes: Should be faster than BETA 13.
Its also signed (added S to the file name), so it will work on any PSP, hacked or not. If you are on hacked FW, then it will work in kernel mode (giving you, more memory).

Seems I had BETA 19 sat on my Network. So I gave it a quick test, its faster than I thought, needs testing though.

Download: PSPUAE V0.80 Beta 20
Source: Here

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