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EmuCR: Glitch64 Glitch64 SVN r148 is released. GlideHQ is a realtime texture enhancer library with hi-resolution texture pack support for Glide64. Glitch64 is the recommended Glide3x wrapper for Glide64, the Glide video plugin for N64 emulators. It currently supports S3TC texture compression, anisotropic filtering, widescreen resolutions and simulates almost all the Glide3x hardware capabilities used by the plugin, included texture buffer capability (needed for render to texture). It is coded using the OpenGL API and uses GLSL shaders.

Traditional and non-traditional techniques have been used to achieve speed and high image quality even on a 9 year old 3Dfx Voodoo2. Although the 3Dfx Glide3x texture format naming conventions are used, the library can be expanded for generic use. The library supports 6 enhancers and 6 image filters. FXT1 and S3TC texture compression are supported.

Glitch64 SVN changelog:
dd Chinese(traditional) translation by pokefan0.999
HWFBE fixes.
Merge r137-r146 from trunk.

Download: Glitch64 SVN r148

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