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EmuCR: nullDCnullDC SVN r46 is released. nullDC is an open source Sega Dreamcast(DC) and NAOMI videogame systems emulator for Microsoft Windows. nullDC runs several Dreamcast games at good speed, with full sound and music. NullDC requires the latest version of Microsoft DirectX, the latest Visual C++ runtime libraries and optionally WinPcap for modem emulation. As usual for emulators, a dump of the original console BIOS is also needed. It has a plugin architecture, with several alternative implementations (some ported from Chankast) for graphics, sound, reading games burned to CD-ROMs (it cannot read GD-ROMs directly) or disk image files, memory cards, etc.

nullDC SVN Changelog:

-. Changed labels of main XInput buttons a bit.
-. Changed default values back to -1, since it's ok again.

Fixes Issue 121 .

Download: nullDC SVN r46

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  1. hi, thnx again ...

    but i have a problem ...

    i'm the only one that from SVN r43 to r46, when i choose the purupuru plugin the frame-rate is half (30 fps) even in the DC spiral logo and the BIOS with stuttering audio ???

    the r42 was OK ...

    any idea ?????

    thanks again!

    (and sorry for my ugly english ...)

  2. take the plugin purupuru from r46 and put it in r42, after that try again

    and reinstall DirectX2010

  3. hi.

    The same problem occurs in me.

    And nullDC is very slow.

    SH4 clock: 140-160MHz

    It operated normally(SH4 clock:200MHz) until becoming r42.

    thank you.

  4. nothing ...

    i've put the purupuru r46 in folder r42 and the frame rate is also near half (37).

    then i've updated directX and is the same in r42 and r46 with latest purupuru ...

    in r43-44-45-46 only if i don't choose purupuru the framerate is really solid 60 fps ...

    someone here who can log-in in the codegoogle for Nuldc SVN can ask there please ???

    thank you !!


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