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EmuCR:SmartGear SmartGear v2.0.18 Beta is released. SmartGear is a multi-system game emulator. SmartGear allows you to play games written for classic handheld and console gaming systems on your Windows Desktop PC, Pocket PC or SmartPhone. It currently emulates GameBoy, GameBoy Color, NES, GameGear, MasterSystem, TurboGrafx-16, and Genesis/MegaDrive. SmartGear is written in portable C code and can be built on a variety of systems. The mobile version uses optimized ARM assembly language components for maximum performance. The purpose is to accurately emulate your favorite classic games at full speed on any Windows device.

SmartGear v2.0.18 Beta Changelog:
A bug in the 68k emulator was discovered by user "THE-COPS". The fix now allows more Genesis games to work properly.
Added the "rewind" feature which allows you to go back 4-6 seconds to correct a fatal mistake in a game.
Touch controls now work properly for all game systems. They still don't support running in an orientation different from the current desktop, but that will be corrected soon.
I've re-enabled Genesis performance patches (elimination of time wasting loops). Please let me know your favorite Genesis games and I can usually get them to run 10-30% faster.
Loading and saving game states was problematic in previous releases and now seems to work well. The only feature which is not working yet is running NES saved games by opening the SGSAV files from file explorer. Other systems can run from correctly from file explorer.

Download: SmartGear v2.0.18 Beta

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