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EmuCR:bsnes Emulatorsbsnes v0.073 is released. bsnes is an emulator for the Super Famicom and SNES video game systems.The purpose of the emulator is a bit different from other emulators: it focuses on accuracy, debugging functionality, and clean code.

bsnes v0.073 Changelog:
added NEC uPD77C25 emulation core
added low-level emulation of the DSP-1, DSP-1B, DSP-2, DSP-3, DSP-4 coprocessors
removed high-level emulation of the DSP-n coprocessors
added blargg's libco::ppc.c module, which is far more portable, even running on the PS3
added software filter support via binary plugins
added debugger (currently Linux-only); but it is as yet unstable
added pause shortcut
updated mightymo's cheat code database

Download: bsnes v0.073 (Windows 64-bit)
Source: Here

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  1. Thank you for new update!

  2. Great emu but requires a modern CPU!

  3. 64 bit only... Say goodbye to 32 bit forever...

  4. bsnes/Qt PGO v073 Windows binary package (includes all three core DLLs) (with OpenGL crash fix + Ver's D3D driver) compiled by King Of Chaos :

    bsnes_v073.zip (5.85 MB)

    bsnes_v073_full.zip (30.56 MB)

    Note: It includes the above bsnes/Qt PGO v073 (with OpenGL crash fix + Ver's D3D driver), latest Cheat Code Pack, latest English Translations Pack, filters, GLSL/HLSL shaders


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