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EmuCR:Iso2God Iso2God v1.3.5 is released. Iso2God is a windows tool used to convert an Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 ISO images into Games on Demand containers, removing the need for a DVD drive in your 360. While it's possible to extract ISOs and run them off USB using replacement dashboards, it's nice to be able to run them as GODs as well. This functionality has only been available through the Xbox 360 SDK until now, so we thought it was about time a legal app was released to perform the same task.

Iso2God v1.3.5 Changelog:
~ Media ID now written to CON header correctly.
~ XexTool v6.0 now included to support newer XEXs.

Download: Iso2God v1.3.5 (setup)
Download: Iso2God v1.3.5 (nosetup)
Source: Here

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