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EmuCR: Mednafen-PS3Thanks Speedvicio for submitting news
Mednafen-PS3 SVN 5ee669a24d is released. Mednafen-PS3 is a port of Mednafen Multi-system Emulator to PS3. Mednafen is a multi-game-system emulator, for various platforms, including emulation of the following systems:Atari Lynx,Famicom, GameBoy (Color), GameBoy Advance, Neo Geo Pocket (Color), NES(both NTSC and PAL), PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 (CD) and SuperGrafx, PC-FX, WonderSwan (Color).

Features: Emulates NES GB GBC GBA SMS GG. Load uncompressed or zipped images. Save and load save ram and save states. File browser, place your games on a USB drive, or FTP them to the internal drive. Fast forward.

Mednafen-PS3 SVN Changelog:
- Use more friendly names in settings category menu

Download: Mednafen-PS3 SVN 5ee669a24d
Source: Here

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  1. That's great, but I couldn't access my memory stick slots like I could in 'Mednafen PS3 PKG Source - Revision 157'.

    Can you please re-implement?


  2. Any chance you can bring back the option to use other flash drives and memory stick?

    When I loaded it, it ignores my memory stick readers (on my 60gb) and only acknowledges internal and external hdd.

    I had to reinstall Mednafen Revision 157.


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