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HT1080Z v1.6.3 is released. HT1080Z is a HT1080Z/VideoGenie/System-80 and TRS-80 Model I Level 2 emulator.

Features of the HT1080Z emulator
- full and cycle exact Z80 CPU core
- support for VideoGenie-1/System-80 and the 1st and 2nd series of HT1080Z
- support for 16 and 64 kb memory setups
- NMI interrupt (RESET)
- Video Cut (32 columns mode) and Page buttons
- 3 channel YM2149 sound chip emulation along with the noise and envelope
- TRS-80 compatible tape sound
- full keyboard emulation
- direct loading of the disk based CMD format files
- read/write support for the CAS tape format
- WAV format support for tape output
- simple printer support
- Lowe LE15 High Resolution Graphic Adapter emulation

HT1080Z v1.6.3 Changelog:
- PC-joystick and gamepad support
- improved Centronics printer support
- fixing breakpoint support in the external monitor

Download: HT1080Z v1.6.3
Source: Here

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