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EmuCR: 1964modThanks Anonymous Friend for submitting news
1964mod v1.4.2 Beta Quickfix v3 is released. 1964mod is a N64 emulator using the codes from original 1964 by Schibo & Rice. It is not created as a replacement to the original 1964 emulator. Hopefully, its enhancement will benefit people who loves the original 1964. 1964mod is currently at an early stage of experimentation & development. It is used as a learning platform to improve my programming knowledge and skills.

1964mod v1.4.2 Beta Quickfix v3 Changlog:
Core Changes & Fixes
Siskoo from EmuTalk wants the length of "Alternate Title" to be increased from 50 to 80.
This enhancement is done and tested to work, see "Pictures" section.
Siskoo from EmuTalk highlights a possibility of users clicking the closing emu window button "x" while rom is still playing. It is not advised to do such action as there is no proper rom close while shutting down the emulator.

I have enhanced 1964mod codes to take care of such an action to trigger a proper rom close before shutting down the emulator. It is tested and working.

Plugin Changes & Fixes
When launching a game directly into Fullscreen mode using Glide64 / MyGlide64 on 1964 / 1964mod, the resolution is wrong and image become oversized. Switching back to windowed mode will result in a small window placement.

It will happen when 1964 / 1964mod is started and the 1st rom is loaded & play directly into Fullscreen mode. This will be fixed in 1964mod using MyGlide64 and has been tested to work, see "Pictures" section.
Currently, the DMAWrite & DMARead functions in 1964Audio use expansion pak size which assume all games are run with 8MB expansion pak.

This will be fixed in 1964Audio v2.7a using the real rdram size of the game instead of defaulting to expansion pak size.

Download: 1964mod v1.4.2 Beta Quickfix v3
Source: Here

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