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EmuCR: Project64k Project64k v0.22 is released. Project64k is a version of the Project64 emulator that supports multiplayer games using the Kaillera network.

Project64k v0.22 Changelog:

Project64k 0.22 HYBRID is the first stable release of my emulator that is pretty much perfect. Still some issues to look into but for most part it is best modified version of pj64 for netplay.

New Shortcuts

- Ctrl C for cheats
- Ctrl N for Netplay
- Ctrl S for Settings
- Ctrl R for Rom folder
- Ctrl L for Refresh rom list
- Ctrl Q for Force quit

New Features

-Menu made easier to understand
-More user friendly
-Help menu added (with tutorial)


-Multi-Language support fixed (Now supports most languages again)

-Emulator crash glitch

-Limit FPS removed (causes problems)

-Full screen taken out (Causes DS)

-Kailleraclient minor fixes

Download: Project64k v0.22
Source: Here

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