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EmuCR: a5200DSa5200DS v1.5 is released. a5200DS is an Atari 5200 emulator running on the Nintendo DS and DSi written by Alekmaul. a5200DS is based on the source code of Atari800. To use this emulator, you must use compatibles rom with a52/bin format. You also need the 5200.bin rom bios to use it.

a5200DS is an Atari VCS 5200 console emulator.
To use this emulator, you must use compatibles rom with a52/bin format.
You also need the 5200.bin rom bios to use it. A quick search on atariage website
will help you about that ;-)
Do not ask me about such files, I don't have them. A search with Google will certainly
help you.

Features :
Most things you should expect from an emulator.

Missing :
All that is not yet emulated ;)
Need to improve speed
Hangs a lot of time if you do not choose the correct 16 bit cartridghe type

Check updates on my web site :

History :
V1.5 : 26/06/2011
* Fix bug in GTIA/POKEY for enabling pot management, analog jostick works now
* Compiled with new devkitpro (r33), win 1 fps since previous version

V1.4 : 13/06/2011
* Add automatic chip detection for 16k roms (but you can change it)
* Button L to display/hide FPS
* Add R & L to change Rom
* Really fix flickering pb, alphalerp is back and screen is smoother
* Better sound (not so much ...)

V1.3 : 12/06/2011
* Fix pb with iEvo (hangs on menu)

V1.2 : 11/06/2011
* Fix pb with B button (now you can use bombs in HERO)
* Remove argc/argv management (for Another World test with his ievo)
* Fix flickering pb (remove alphalerp for now)

V1.1 : 23/05/2011
* Quick fix about bios problem
* change screen height to 256
* Add more easy understanding message when no game in current diretory (Thx
Another World for the tip)
* Fix name in makefile (was 7800 and not 5200)

V1.0 : 22/05/2011
* Initial release
* Compiled with last version of Devkitpro/libnds, so DSi compatible \o/

How tu use a5200DS :
Unzip a5200DS.nds from the a5200DS.zip archive in a directory of your flash / (micro) SD
/ MMC card.
Put the a26/bin files where you want on your flashcard.

That's all, a5200DS can be use now :) !

When the emulator starts, click on the cartridge slot to choose a file. you are use Up/Down
to select a file, then use A to load it.

Controls :
* Direction pad : the joystick ...
* A : Fire button 1
* B : Shift button
* X : * button
* Y : # button
* R : button 0
* L : show fps
* R & L : change rom
* START : START button
* SELECT : Pause button

Use stylus on buttons for other actions on bottom screen.


EmuCR: a5200DSEmuCR: a5200DS

Download: a5200DS v1.5
Source: Here

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