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EmuCR: JagulatorJagulator v2.0.2 is released. Jagulator is an Atari Jaguar console emulator. Jagulator is designed to be run on the Microsoft Windows range of Operating Systems and uses OpenGL as the graphics subsystem.

Jagulator v2.0.2 Changelog:

Update #3: I have posted a short video of release 2.0.2 running Zero-5 on YouTube.

Update #2: Release 2.0.2 (GUI Release) is available for download HERE. Please be advised this is still development code but should make the loading of roms and binaries a lot easier. Some things to note;

- After extracting the contents of the zip file into your chosen location you will need to edit the 'jagulator.ini' file in the root jagulator directory and change to bootpath and rompath to match your installation location.
- You can load roms, binaries or initiate the Jaguar CD Bios from the 'File' menu.
- All roms and binaries selected will start automatically after loading.
- The video output screen will now center on your desktop.
- When loading a binary you will be promoted for the load address after file selection.
- Pressing Escape will stop execution. If you wish to try another rom/binary after you have just run one I would advise using the File | Reset before attempting to load another.
- Please remember this is not fully stable code yet and some titles do not run, others have a tendancy to crash the emu. I am working like crazy to knock down all the issues.
- Please send me feedback on specific issues so that I can improve your experience of Jagulator.

Update #1: I am putting the finishing touches to the basic GUI for Jagulator and will start testing this evening prior to a release. During some seperate testing it seems that 2.0.2 is now starting to run further games, although not all playable, this is progress. I have updated the screenshots on the status page with the newly working titles. Head on over to the status page !!!

Download: Jagulator v2.0.2
Source: Here

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  1. Add Save States in the next release in the future.

  2. Jagulator v2.0.2 cannot be downloaded from here, in compiled form, as none of the download sites still hold it.

  3. It's running really well hoping to see some controller options in the future

  4. It's running really well hoping to see some controller options in the future


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