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EmuCR: GameBoy OnlineGameBoy Online is a Game Boy and GameBoy Color emulator written in Javascript. It strives to be efficient and try to have a perfect compatibility. Currently the execution speed is not optimal even on browsers. For example on Chrome, which is nevertheless deemed to run Javascript faster on a PC running Windows 7 64-bit version with a double heart 2 CPUs at 2.2 GHz, games run at normal speed but almost skipping some frames.

The sound production is still experimental and rather poor quality. The video portion is by HTML5 or by creating images with BMP string URI. State backups are implemented using the object window.localStorage and are serialized / deserialized JSON. Ditto for backup SRAM.

EmuCR: GameBoy Online

Recent Changes:
- Worked around a problem of incorrect timing of setInterval in Google Chrome JavaScript engine V8.
- Update the algorithm automatically jump frame.
- Remove mozBeforePaint as Mozilla miscalculates the maximum rate of frames per second supported on newer operating systems.
- Changing the timing of the internal loop of the interpreter to 17ms 16ms.
- Added library support swfobject 2.2 for Internet Explorer.
- Update the default color of the background when it is cut and the boot ROM is disabled and the emulator is not in CGB.
- Remove unused characters in the code.
- Fixed a regression in the opcode ADC A, A '.
- Small update of the HALT opcode.
- Ensuring that the way the special case of the HDMA HALT is taken into account instead of the normal path when necessary.

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  1. The frame skipping problems and audio issues in google chrome weren't my fault. Chrome has buggy timing, takes more CPU time to blit to the canvas than actually run the CPU emulation itself, and has shitty audio support. Seriously though, chrome eats up more CPU for blitting to the canvas than running the emulation (And I render the graphics in JS. I seriously only output the final image to the canvas.)


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