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Dega 1.16 Pre3 is released. Dega is a Sega Master System / Mark III / Game Gear emulator, and runs under Windows 95,NT,98,2000,ME or XP and *NIX.

Dega 1.16 Changelog:
+ Made possible to start a game staying paused
+ Stop current video when a game is closed or a new one is opened
+ Made quick save and quick load process whole video file rather than truncate
it by current frame count
+ Updating screen immediately after reset or quick load
+ Frame counter no more disabled when no video file played
+ Windows: Supported key combinations

+ Implemented quick save and load to particular slots
+ Movie file format altered to record whether this is a Game Gear game
+ Now uses ROM file header rather than file extension to determine
game type
+ Added optional new portable Z80 core from Final Burn Alpha (originally MAME)
+ Fixed a number of emulation bugs affecting a variety of games
+ Fixed flickering issue with SDL version affecting games which change the
palette during the frame
+ degavi ported to Windows using VfW
+ Windows: act more friendly to the CPU by not busy looping
+ Added capability for loading/saving SRAM in save states
(fixed "The Flash")

Doze core.
There is a big graphical bug when loading a savestate, but otherwise OK.

MAME core.
There is a big graphical bug when loading a savestate, but otherwise OK.

EmuCR: Dega

Download: Dega 1.16 Pre3 win32 doze
Download: Dega 1.16 Pre3 win32 z80jb
Source: Here

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  1. Tá faltando um emulador descente para o Master. Dega é o que chega mais perto mas ainda esbarra em coisas básicas como ser incompativel com aero, péssima emulação do 3D e da pistola.


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