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EmuCR: Game Categories LightGame Categories Light v1.3 r1 is released. Game Categories Light is the successor to Game Categories Revised. It aims to provide a simple and well integrated category feature for 6.20 TN users, by applying the most hackish amount of patches this plugin ever had. It extends the original foldering feature (which is only capable of foldering everything by it's expiration date). A 'By Category' feature is introduced in to the options, and it is defaulted to whenever you enter the game menu. An 'Uncategorized' feature shows up for any uncategorized games/homebrew. As a nifty extra, it shows the type of game/homebrew it is, and it's current firmware limitations, as a subtitle.

Game Categories Light Features:
- Adds a new option called ‘By Category’ to your ‘Group Content’ menu.
- Adds the ‘By Category’ option in the Square-button cycling.
- Defaults to the ‘By Category’ option when you load the menu.
- Introduces a subtitle that shows the game type and firmware limits.

Game Categories Light v1.3 Changelog:
CHANGES 1.2b -> 1.3
- Added support for the 6.3X kernels.

Download: Game Categories v1.3 r1
Source: Here

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