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EmuCR:BlueMSXBox BlueMSXBox v5 is released. BlueMSXBox is a BlueMSX Emulator port for XBox. The BlueMSX MSX emulator is approaching its third anniversary and in this short time it has established itself as the most advanced and feature rich MSX emulator. It supports most common machines and a wide variety of extension hardware. A feature rich debugger is also included in the emulator.During the last two years, the MSX emulation has been extended and support for other systems have been added. blueMSX is now also an SVI emulator, and supports the ColecoVision and Sega SG-1000, SC-3000, SF-7000 consoles.

BlueMSXBox v5 Changelog:

What's New:

Check the Latest-Bluemsx.txt file for the latest update info. From now on it will have the latest info and this file will contain the changelog/older update information.

New SAMBA code from XBMC

* Old SAMBA code replaced with code from XBMC. You should now have more luck connecting to your SAMBA shares (including a NAS). Especially shares with passwords which NEVER worked under the old code.

* Renamed "Enter Samba Share Name" to "Enter Root Samba Share Name" since it acts more as a shortcut now that you can "Browse" SMB shares.

* "Samba Server Name" doesn't really serve any purpose at the moment but I left it in there just in case.

+ SMB shares can now be browsed. As a result how you use Samba shares has changed slightly... Try these steps..

1) Clear out your "Samba Share Name"
2) Use either the ROM browser or the "Change default directories" to browse to your share (Press "Y" until you see the drive list and select "SMB:\\").
3) If it doesn't work, try it again a couple times. For some silly reason sometimes it times out.
4) If the emu thinks your share needs a password a window will pop-up asking you if you want to enter in a username and password. Enter it as "username:password".
5) As a result of this change you can set all your definable directories to any share with any password.

6) If for some reason browsing doesn't work try entering your Samba server name in the "Enter Root Samba Share Name" under "Network/Netplay Options" format is "smb://servername_or_ip/sharename" or "smb://username:password@servername_or_ip/sharename" if the share is password protected. Browsing once within a share is much more reliable.

7) If you enter anything into the "Root Samba Share Name" then you are stuck with that and cant use other servers unless they are on Relax.

8) If steps 1-5 don't work for you but step 6 works you might wanna consider deleting your emu_name.ini file in the SAVES directory. I was told by one user that this cleared up his problem.

+ Some suggestions if you decide to "stream" stuff over the network.

1) Try splitting the workload. Setup a Relax and Samba share (or even seperate servers) and divy up the workload. They both have seperate cache's so it's more efficient.
2) Roms, Screenshots, Box/Cart art, Manuals, Commercials, and the like are great candidates for streaming.
3) If you do stream Screenshots and Box/Cart art set the timers a little higher and not the same. For example 5 seconds on screenshots, 10 on Box/Cart art. Or just set them to 0 (manual advance).
4) Streaming movies really depends on how good of a network you have For example streaming movies over a wireless network aint gonna be so hot.
To me relax seems faster but that may have changed with the new SMB code. You might also wanna consider bumping up the movie delay a couple seconds.

An example of how I have mine set up. Screenshots and Box/Cart art on the xbox 5/10 sec delay respectivaly (or 0). GameFaqs, VGMaps, etc on xbox.
Movies on Relax share to computer connected to my Xbox (1-2 sec delay). ROMs on a Samba share to my NAS, as well as all of the commercials and manuals.

The possibilities are endless. Experimentation is worthwhile. Or you could just slap a super big hard drive in your Xbox and forget all this silliness. :P


Download: BlueMSXBox v5
Source: Here

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