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EmuCR:bsnes Emulatorsbsnes v082 is released. bsnes is an emulator for the Super Famicom and SNES video game systems. The purpose of the emulator is a bit different from other emulators: it focuses on accuracy, debugging functionality, and clean code.

bsnes v082 Changelog:

This release features many substantial Game Boy emulation improvements (all courtesy of Jonas Quinn), a new audio DSP class, and BPS patching support.

- added new DSP audio engine; supports sample-averaging for the Game Boy's high frequency rate
- GB: MMM01 images with boot loader at bottom of ROM can now be loaded
- GB: EI is delayed one cycle; fixes Bubble Bobble [Jonas Quinn]
- GB: fixed window -7 offset behavior; fixes Contra 3 first boss [Jonas Quinn]
- GB: disable LCD interrupts when rendering is off; fixes Super Mario Land 2 [Jonas Quinn]
- GB: fixed noise channel LFSR; fixes Zelda: LA lightning sound [Jonas Quinn]
- GB: square channels use initial_length like the noise channel [Jonas Quinn]
- UI: added BPS patching support; removed UPS patching support
- UI: when loading BS-X/Sufami Turbo/Game Boy games; display game title instead of BIOS title
- UI: modified timestamps on screenshots for Windows/NTFS (which disallows use of ':')

Download: bsnes v082 x86
Download: bsnes v082 x64
Source: Here

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  1. Amazing good job!

  2. amazing slow job!

  3. ZSNES rulez foreverz !!!!!!

  4. All the guys at romhacking , snes9x and zsnes boards hates byuu , every top guys at emulation scene hates byu, even gideon zhi and nightcrawler hates him!
    byuu has a history of painting himself as the victim or misunderstanding peoples' argument
    To continue to keep spouting public falsehoods? I agree. I've asked him nicely to stop twice now. I e-mailed him the other day. He has absolutely no interest in resolution or correct accuracy of statement (ironic for someone crusading that accuracy matters). I haven't talked about this guy in years. I don't know why he keeps needing to talk about me with misinformation to get my attention. He knows I take issue with that. Have the decency to be truthful of fact in whatever your opinion may be or don't bother talking about me at all. I hope this is the end of it. Leave me alone, byuu.

    1.) It's public record my first translation was Final Fantasy IIIj. He was nowhere around to teach me anything. Someone should have been as it would have turned out a whole lot better. :P

    2.) I'm assuming he refers to Dual Orb 2. None of his code was ever used in that project or any other.

    3.) I did not ban his account . I wasn't even around at the time it was issued (It was few day cool-off ban from moderation par for the rules at the time at that). I did ban his second account for a spoofed hostname upon my return. Interpretation of 'ignore' is interesting as we discussed the matter in full detail afterwards. I don't ignore anyone who contacts me, but response time may be a few days at times.

  5. Who cares about bickering between people. It's about emulation. Go preach your BS elsewhere.

  6. corey STFU and GTFO you are nothing you are no one , you are not a top guy at the emulation scene you have not contributed nothing to the community, you have done a thing ,you are not a coder ,you are not a emu author, so shut the fuck up

  7. I won't repeat what IST said, but I would add to it that byuu has historically also declined to apply patches to bsnes and other projects in favour of writing the code himself. Unfortunately, his versions are almost always inferior to the original product. This habit is one of the main reasons bsnes lost its forum at the ZBoards (since, y'know, the ZSNES devs have more important things to do with their time than fix byuu's shit and have him reject said fixes).
    And also to be clear, I did not move away from communications with byuu because of this scanning project. Quite frankly, his personality is quite different to my own, and I simply can't be bothered to be involved on his forum anymore (the scanning thing was pretty much a last straw). That is not to say I don't occasionally visit, as there are some good conversations going on. If he really wants to get me back on side, he is going to have to become far more humble.

    Bsnes is a great emulator in its own right, but considering its hefty requirements, I only use it for quick testing. If I need full accuracy, I use my Super Everdrive, which allows me to play pretty much any game I want on real hardware. I still think that making a 100% accurate software emulator is a pointless endeavor, and efforts would be better put towards creating designs to remake the physical chips. Most of the patents for snes hardware will have elapsed by now, so there is nothing to hold back doing such a project.

  8. "Ah, a classic case of he said she said."
    How can that be the case when the corrections I made to both articles are available fact? Backed by either public record, news archives, forum record etc., which I can provide. In the very least, certainly everything about my projects is purely factual with full backing. Who would be a greater authority on them than me, anyway? That is my primary issue. Then, after bringing the issue to attention for correction, refusal to correct anything. That's disrespectful to me. I had no issue until this recent incident brought here. I couldn't care less about few years ago, but that was apparently important enough to dig up yet again over there.
    "Is it really impossible for you guys to work out your differences? Don't you want to?"
    You're asking the wrong guy. Of course I want to. I tried again just the other day. He wants no resolution. He stopped communicating. I spoke about what we could do together too. Go talk to to him. I'd be more than happy to put this incident behind me. If you know me at all, you know I don't stop communicating, and there's no one I won't work with on a business level for benefit of the community here.

  9. I found some shaders to use with bsnes. SimoneT made then. Just thinking someone would like more shaders to work with. It's over at, ngemu for all to download.

    htt p://forums.ngemu.com/showthread.php?t=76098&page=15


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