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EmuCR:D PSP EmulatorD PSP Emulator SVN r306 is released. D PSP Emulator is a PlayStation Portable (PSP) emulator for PC made in D programming language. At the moment can run some simple homebrew. It doesn't load any comercial game at this stage.

D PSP Emulator SVN Changelog:
- Removed halffloatToFloat code and using D "alias CustomFloat!(10, 5, CustomFloatFlags.ieee) hfloat" instead.
- Check! Ignore division by zero on DIV/DIVU
- Moved ignored VFPU instructions to the active VFPU instructions
- Check! Implemented ThreadManForUser.sceKernelNotifyCallback
- Fixed ThreadManForUser.sceKernelSetVTimerHandler. Fixed VTimer and unittesting (tested on real hardware).

Download: D PSP Emulator SVN r306
Source: Here

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