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EmuCR: FourDOFourDO v1.0.1.55 Alpha is released. FourDO is an open-source emulator for the 3DO Game Console.

FourDO v1.0.1.55 Alpha Changelog:
- Added full screen mode. This mode is actually a window mode make-up.
- Added ability to change the window size for every 50% (that is to say 100%, 150%, 200% ...).
- Added a switch to preserve the aspect ratio of the image.
- Added a switch to smooth the image.
- Added ability to reset the console.
- Added ability to pause emulation and step by step.
- Added a switch to record the status at the break and restart at the start of the emulator.

EmuCR: FourDO

Download: FourDO v1.0.1.55 Alpha
Source: Here

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