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EmuCR:Half Byte LoaderHalf Byte Loader SVN r118 is released. Half Byte Loader is a project to build an easy to port user-mode homebrew loader for game exploits.

How to install and use Half Byte Loader:
1. Install the Patapon 2 Demo
2. Connect PSP with USB
3. Copy the “hbl” directory and the “h.bin” file to ms0: (copy them to the root)
4. Copy UCUS98732_DATA02 (Patapon 2 SAVEDATA) to ms0:/PSP/SAVEDATA
5. Copy your homebrew to ms0:/PSP/GAME
6. Load the demo, load the hacked save, load your homebrew.

Half Byte Loader SVN Changelog:
- added files missing in R113
- some changes for the "signed" HBL
-- no kernel memory dump is created
-- p5 stubs are not gathered
-- function hooking is performed as if g->syscall_known was set
-- HBL load address increased to 0x09F67000
- forgot to check in the config folder for the signed HBL
- Just adding Nymphaea to the list of contributors ^^
- this version is only compatible with FW 6.60
- added all NIDs of the relevant libraries to the launcher
- to reduce the memory consumption of the NID table, the lowest syscall and gap
are extracted from the launcher imports and FROM_LOWEST estimation is used
- added option of relocating the function addresses in buildsdk.rb, this is
mainly useful when building an SDK from the launcher
- Adding Launcher icons

Notes for this version: Compatibility with Firmware 6.60.
This version is actually only compatible with Firmware 6.60.

Download: Half Byte Loader SVN r118
Source: Here

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