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EmuCR: NestopiaXNestopiaX v1.2 is released. NestopiaX is a NES emulator for the XBOX. This is a port of the pc NES emu nestopia and is now the best NES emu on XBOX. It also plays the famicom disc system games at full framerate.

This is an update to nestopia 1.1x which fixes the flip filter that made other filters flip
backwards too. Flip filter is now it's own individual setting.

NEstopiax now loads fds as the real thing did! when selecting an fds game from the rom menu
it will load into the fds bios screen which did not get a chance to display in previous
iterations of nestopiax.

**added an option to "Insert FDS disk". THis is the option you need to pick to load the
game. It can be found in general options once you select your fds game.

This option simply simulates inserting the disk into the fds disk slot.

I wanted to get this out here soon since filters like none, simple 2x and others were
botched in the last release.

it will be a little bit before another release is made, however be assured there are
plans for more releases. as for what they are, well, that's a suprise! ;) work continues~!

also included is another small update the xml database which includes an entry for
dragon scroll patched. the ips patch can be found on romhacking.net

***Huge thanks to +T+ for his help with the flip filter.****




-ROMs must be zipped. Otherwise they will not be recognized.

-Here is an easy way to get a lot of high quality artwork for

1) Download the RessurectionXtras screenshot pack.

2) Create a folder on your computer to convert the art
(i.e. C:\NestopiaScreenshots)

3) Create a folder called "Art" and a folder called "Convert" in that


4) Create folders named 1 - 4 in the C:\NestopiaScreenshots\Convert


5) Extract the art to C:\NestopiaScreenshots\Art
There will be:

C:\NestopiaScreenshots\Art\3D World Runner\0001.png
C:\NestopiaScreenshots\Art\3D World Runner\0002.png
C:\NestopiaScreenshots\Art\3D World Runner\0003.png
C:\NestopiaScreenshots\Art\3D World Runner\0004.png

6) Copy the Convert.bat file to the C:\NestopiaScreenshots folder.
The folders should look like this:

C:\NestopiaScreenshots (The Convert.bat file goes here)
C:\NestopiaScreenshots\Art (All the Artwork goes here)

Double click the Convert.bat file.

That will rename most of the artwork to match GoodNES 3.14

It will copy the Box Art images to C:\NestopiaScreenshots\Convert\1
It will copy the Title images to C:\NestopiaScreenshots\Convert\2
It will copy the Screenshot images to C:\NestopiaScreenshots\Convert\3
It will copy the Cartridge images to C:\NestopiaScreenshots\Convert\4

You now have high quality box art, title, screenshot, and cartridge
images for about 800 games sorted and matching GoodNES 3.14. This method
will still work if you do not like GoodNES names for your ROMs.
NestopiaX can delete all the GoodNES information from the filename and
only display the name of the game (i.e. "Super Mario Bros 2" instead of
"Super Mario Bros 2 (PROG0) (U) (!)"). Your games will match
the artwork, but display with the basic names.

To use these images:

1) Rename your ROMs with GoodNES 3.14 so that they match the art just
converted. You MUST use GoodNES 3.14.

2) Use whatever tool you prefer to make sure your ROM names are XBOX
compliant (i.e. less than 43 characters, no illegal characters, etc...)

3) Use the same tool and settings to make sure the artwork is XBOX
compliant (i.e. less than 43 characters, no illegal characters, etc...)

4) Copy the ROMs to the roms folder

5) Copy the images in C:\NestopiaScreenshots\Convert\1 to the
Artwork\Shots 1 folder.

6) Copy the images in C:\NestopiaScreenshots\Convert\2 to the
Artwork\Shots 2 folder.

7) Copy the images in C:\NestopiaScreenshots\Convert\3 to the
Artwork\Shots 3 folder.

8) Copy the images in C:\NestopiaScreenshots\Convert\4 to the
Artwork\Shots 4 folder.

The images can be cycled from the GUI with the right analog stick.



1) Extract the archive.
2) Copy to your XBOX.
3) Now you're playing with power.



-The Nestopia author (Martin Freij), Linux (R. Belmont) and Mac porters.
I used the ports as reference or used the code directly.

-madmab and RessurectionX (and anyone else) for the synopsis.txt file.

-RessurectionX and anyone else involved for the artwork.

-Some websites (which I forgot) where I got the sample images.

-Mighty Mo for the cheat pack.

-The author of the palettes

-Anyone I forgot.

EmuCR: NestopiaX

Download: NestopiaX v1.2
Source: Here

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  1. emulating on a original xbox? does anyone actually do this?!?!?


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