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EmuCR: NRage Input PluginNRage Input Plugin v2.2 Final is released. NRage Input Plugin is the Best N64 Emulation Plugin. NRage Input Plugin is for use with an N64 emulator that supports input plugins through Zilmar's input spec. Some emulators that support it are: Project64, Apollo, 1964, TR64.

NRage Input Plugin v2.2 Final Changelog:
+Resolved file browsers not displaying supported file types
+Improved Xinput support by backporting changes from 1964input

Download: NRage Input Plugin v2.2 Final
Source: Here


  1. fck zilmar and his "Z" spec.I cannot wait until the community moves away from his spec and he is left with no more donations.....ohhh poor zilmar cant ROB people anymore.... :( :(

  2. Hates gonna hate. Stop using Mupen64 and use an emulator with WORKING plugins.

  3. its amusing that they repost the same file they posted 2 weeks ago

  4. I cant use the plugin :(
    i cant find in my emulator


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