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EmuCR:DS2x86DS2x86 v0.25 Beta is released. DS2x86 is a version of DSx86 for the SuperCard DSTwo flash cart. DSx86 is a PC emulator for Nintendo DS.

DS2x86 v0.25 Beta Changelog:

- Fixed a copy-paste bug in REP MOVSW string opcode (fixes Heretic, Hexen, etc)
- Implemented INT10 calls AX=1008, AH=12/BL=34, AH=F1/DX=0020, AH=F1/DX=0028
- Implemented missing 66-prefix variations for LFS and LGS opcodes (NORM)
- Implemented missing RCL/RCR opcodes using 32-bit registers (SWS)
- Implemented read/write to/from CPU debug registers (RAYMAN)
- Enabled directory access using the 8.3 alias of a long directory name
- Ignore writes to I/O ports 0x140..0x14F (DESCENTR)
- Some other minor fixes and enhancements.

Download: DS2x86 v0.25 Beta
Source: Here

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